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Photo: Ian Brodie
Dale Gudbrands gård - Ian Brodie
Photo: (Yngve Ask)
Høre Stavkirke - Yngve Ask (
Photo: Ian Brodie
Gudbrandsdalen - Ian Brodie
Photo: Hoel Gård
Hoel Gård

Experience a genuine feel of Norwegian traditions

Unique Pearls of Eastern Norway

Norway is home to many iconic landmarks, green open spaces and vibrant cities, from east to west, north to south. Do you dream of embarking on a tour of our lesser known, but even more charming destinations? Whether it is the cultural pearls along the shores of Lake Mjøsa, the traditional food experiences in the Valdres region, the lush countryside with lakes, hills and farmland, the variety of activities or the dream of a break from everyday life, we make it happen.

The Unique pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets perler aims to give you a genuine feel of Norwegian traditions. We want you to experience the unique and authentic Norway and the smaller, but also very interesting tourism pearls that you find in eastern Norway.

Solnedgang Gudbrandsdalen

Photo: Ian Brodie

The itineraries developed by Unique pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets perler cover a wide range of experiences in the eastern part of Norway. Our focus is facilitating for group travels, pre-organised or tailor made. We have pre-organised itineraries with a great variety of experiences that this region has to offer. Slow travel – local tastes – heartbeats – uniqueness - quality are some of the words describing the suppliers that we work with. All suppliers are important contributors in the local communities.

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Experience the

Norwegian cuisine

Local tastes and traditions

Fresh food in lush landscapes

5 days and 4 nights Oslo / hamar / Helgøya / Valdres / Hallingdal / Gran / Oslo

Join us for a journey in lush landscapes, with green meadows and abundant gardens where you experience tasty and delicious Norwegian ingredients directly from the farmer himself. Our journey to Norwegian farms, local producers and charming hotels gives a valuable break in a busy everyday life. For five days you can enjoy yourself among large farms on Helgøya on the shores of Lake Mjøsa and enjoy the fresh air and quietness under the steep mountains of Jotunheimen.

During this journey you will visit local farms with local produce, visit rewarded producers of the famous Norwegian rakfisk (fermented fish), experience charming Helgøya with its rich landscape, taste the traditional Norwegian liquor Aquavit and get a variety of local tastes.

Photo: Noraker Farm breed their own trout and process it into the local delicacy "rakfisk" (semi-fermented trout).

Noraker Rakfisk

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Hringariki vikinglandsby

Get to know our

Historic roots

A look back at our past

Room for reflection and replenishment

7 days and 6 nights Oslo / Granavolden / Gudbrandsdalen / Ringebu / Dovrefjell / Hamar / Oslo

This journey oozes history and gives room for reflection and replenishment of knowledge. We walk parts of the historic pilgrimage trail between Oslo and Trondheim and visit sites of great historic importance, and you will enjoy the food and cultural experience along the trail. You experience a beautiful and varied nature from forests and agricultural landscapes to high mountains and cultural monuments such as tombs, historically important places, beautiful churches, and preserved buildings from the Middle Ages.

During this trip you will get to know our exiting Viking history. We will visit historic sites, walk parts of the famous pilgrimage trail between Oslo and Trondheim and stay in hotels with a touch of history.

Photo: Church ruins at Stein farm.

Rolf Lie

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Kistefos industri - Didrick Stenersen

Look back at

Our industrial history

Our near past and present

A journey through time

4 days and 3 nights Oslo / Løten / Brumunddal / Jevnaker / Gran / Modum / Kongsberg / Oslo

We invite you to a journey into our industrial past with exciting museums and exotic mining experiences. Our journey through time gives you a unique insight into Norwegian industrial history. During the trip you will experience several of our exciting industrial museums, such as the Blaafarveværket, the silverworks at Kongsberg, glassblowing and not least the Norwegian paper industry spiced with unique art experiences of international format.

Photo: Didrick Stenersen

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The Twist - Photo: Benjamin Ward

Get to know

Artists in Norway

A travel in art

A travel in art

5 days and 4 nights Oslo / Løten / Brumunddal / Østre Toten / Ringerike / Oslo

Get to know national and international artist in Norway. We have planned a tour where you will experience art museums, local and national artists. The new Munch museum opens this year, and we give you the unique chance to see this famous artist’s birthplace in Ådalsbruk, Løten. We will visit the Peder Balke centre at Østre Toten, art museums and sculpture parks by national and international artists. We also visit a local artist, Thomas Klevjer in his own gallery at Ringerike. We end the trip with a visit to the Munch museum.

An inspiring trip for all art lovers.

Photo: Benjamin Ward

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Hesje på Valdres Folkemuseum - Photo: (Yngve Ask)

Become familiar with

Norwegian history and traditions

National symbols and structures

Our national consciousness

7 days and 6 nights Hamar / Gudbrandsdalen / Dovrefjell / Valdres / Ringerike / Oslo

Get to know the Norwegian traditions and history. From visiting the Eidsvoll Manor house, one of Norway’s most important national symbols, the place where the Norwegian Constitution was drawn up and signed in 1814, to weather-beaten timber walls, stave churches, Medieval history, mountain areas and national scenic routes. The mountains of Dovre have for a long time had an important position in Norway's national consciousness where Dovrefjell represents the eternal, unchanging and safe. A journey in history, traditions combined with stunning landscape, wildlife experiences and local tastes from the different regions, giving everlasting memories and desire to see more of the Norwegian hidden pearls.

Photo: (Yngve Ask)

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The Twist

About us

Unique pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets perler is a new tourism initiative by Askeladden Reiser in cooperation with Visit Innlandet, Jotunheimen and Valdresruten Bilselskap known as JVB and Frich’s hotels and eateries. This initiative is organised as a project and the lead partner is Askeladden Reiser.

This region has many touristic pearls and niche products. By joining forces and creating a common sales platform, we experience that it is easier to reach our target market. With our extensive knowledge about products in the region we can easily find, plan and organize a tour to these unique touristic pearls that you will enjoy visiting. Our main goal is to build a sales channel that can offer ready-made packages to groups who want to travel the eastern part of Norway. Our initiative will also help to maintain local jobs and create new jobs.

The long-term goal is increased value creation through the sale of experience-based packages. These will contribute to the increased turnover by involving local providers. By the end of this year (2021) the participants in the project have set the goal of establishing a separate company that will further increase its investment and create sales.

We plan trips lasting from 3 to 7 days and we will stay several nights in the same hotel. Already, several hotels and attractions have expressed a great interest in this initiative. The tours and itineraries will be a travel in uniqueness from start to finish, covering interesting museums, charming hotels, local produce, shops, nature experiences, art, culture, industrial history, Viking history, birdwatching and much more. Common for all the sites we visit, is that they are all unique, reflects the Norwegian traditions and creates lasting memories. Geographically, the project mainly covers Viken and Innlandet counties and our cooperating partners are in municipalities west and north of Oslo.

The Unique pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets perler is funded by Innovation Norway.

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Our professional team, with more than 30 years of experience, customize the tour / itinerary for your groups. With our extensive knowledge about products in the region we can easily plan and organize a tour to these unique touristic pearls that you will enjoy visiting.

Rolf Lie

Rolf Lie

Unique Pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets Perler

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