The industry museum at Kistefos. Photo: Didrick Stenersen.

A journey through time

A travel in time - our industrial history

We invite you to a journey into our industrial past with exciting museums and exotic mining experiences. Our journey through time gives you a unique insight into Norwegian industrial history. During the trip you will experience several of our exciting industrial museums, such as the Blaafarveværket, the silverworks at Kongsberg, glassblowing and not least the Norwegian paper industry spiced with unique art experiences of international format.



Visit Hadeland Glassverk getting an insight to the glasswork industry. You can even try glassblowing getting your own piece of art.


Hadeland Glassverk. Photo: VisitNorway.com


The Twist - a gallery, a bridge, and a sculpture, all in one, a "must- see" attraction at Kistefos museum. Kistefos has art galleries, a famous sculpture park and an industry museum . A visit to the premises of Kistefos' oldest pulp mill gives insight into the work process at the factory and what life was like at Kistefoss.


The Twist at Kistefos museum. Photo: Benjamin Ward


The Cobalt Works are the old industrial area by the river Simoa that through over 50 years are transformed from an abandoned and dilapidated area to one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions containing industrial history, art exhibitions and experiences for all generations in green and pleasant surroundings.


The director's residence at Nyfossum. Photo: Rolf Lie


A journey in time. Visiting the sister churches at Granavollen and getting familiar with its history.


Photo: Hans Hauge Visit Innlandet

Hand-picked pearls of eastern Norway

We have carefully chosen places and sights that is worth a visit. Explore our chosen, recommended pearls of eastern Norway in the map below. 

Below you'll find our recommendations for this itinerary marked in red. White markers shows you other possibilities and their location.


Our industrial history

Day by day


4 days and 3 nights




  • Wood Hotel by Frich's
  • Granavolden Gjæstgiveri

Additional costs

  • Single rooms
  • Flights


  • Transportation in comfy tour bus/coach
  • 3 nights in double room incl.breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner according to programme
  • Entrance to attractions mentioned
  • Guided tours if described

Wood Hotel by Frich's. Photo: Sven Erik Hoff - Frich's Management AS

day 1: oslo - løten - brumunddal

The world's tallest wooden building

We go directly from the airport to the Hamar region north of Oslo. On our way to the hotel, we stop by Ådalsbruk on Løten and visit Klevfos industrial museum. We check in at Wood Hotel by Frich's, newly opened in 2019. The hotel is the world's tallest wooden building with 18 floors. In beautiful surroundings by the shores of Lake Mjøsa, you wake up refreshed and ready for good experiences. Dinner at the hotel in the evening.


Hadeland Glassverk. Photo: VisitNorway.com

DAY TWO: Brumunddal - Hadeland

Glasswork, art and industry

Two large tourist attractions in Norway; Hadeland Glassverk and the Kistefos Museum are today's destinations. Hadeland Glassverk has been producing glass since 1765 and is today a major attraction with many shops, exhibitions, activities and museum. Kistefos is a unique cultural destination in beautiful surroundings in Jevnaker. Kistefos was built on the former factory area of Kistefos Træsliperi AS and today consists of an impressive sculpture park, two art galleries with various exhibitions and an industrial museum. In 2019, the signature building The Twist opened, which has won several awards and nominations for its spectacular design. Dinner and overnight stay at Granavolden Gjæstgiveri.


Blaafarveværket. Photo: Rolf Lie

DAY THREE: gran - modum - kongsberg - gran

Cobalt and silver

Excursion to Blaafarveværket in Modum and the Silver mines in Kongsberg. From 1773 to 1893, the Blaafarveværket and the Cobalt Mines were the workplace of thousands of people who had one task: to supply the world with the most beautiful blue colour. Today you can experience the history of the preserved Cobalt Mines and the built environments through guided tours, cultural trails, art exhibitions, exciting shops  and cosy eateries in green surroundings. In the Silver Mines at Kongsberg, we get to experience the exciting history of Norway's largest mining of all time.


The sister churches at Granavollen. Photo: Hans Hauge - Visit Innlandet

DAY FOUR: gran - oslo airport for departure

On historic land

You wake up in peaceful and historic surroundings after days of memorable experiences. From Granavolden Gjæstgiveri, we travel the short distance to Oslo Airport Gardermoen heading back to your home country. It is possible to pay a visit to the Sister Churches, before leaving for the airport.


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