From the burial mound at Hundorp, the millennium site in Oppland (now Innlandet county), Dale-Gudbrands Farm. (c) Ian Brodie.

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Home of the vikings

This journey oozes history and gives room for reflection and replenishment of knowledge. We walk parts of the historic pilgrimage trail between Oslo and Trondheim and visit sites of great historic importance, and you will enjoy the food and cultural experience along the trail. You experience a beautiful and varied nature from forests and agricultural landscapes to mighty high mountain nature and among other things cultural monuments such as tombs, historically important places, beautiful churches and preserved buildings from the Middle Ages.

During this trip you will get to know our exiting Viking history. We will visit historic sites, walk parts of the famous pilgrimage trail between Oslo and Trondheim and stay in hotels with a touch of history.



Stein Gard - medieval ruins. Some believe that it was here at Stein farm that St. Olav was raised.


Photo: Rolf Lie


A journey in time. Visiting the sister churches at Granavollen and getting familiar with its history.


The sister churches at Granavollen. Photo: Hans Hauge - Visit Innlandet


Dale-Gudbrands Gard is an expression of the county's rich cultural history. Here you will find cultural monuments and history of high national value - right in the heart of Gudbrandsdalen. The many burial mounds from pre-Christian times testify to great power and position in Gudbrandsdalen in the Viking Age.


From the burial mound at Hundorp, the millennium site in Oppland (now Innlandet county), Dale-Gudbrands Farm. (c) Ian Brodie.


Experience the musk oxes at Dovrefjell National Park. This is the only place in Norway, and one of few places in the world, where you can meet these majestic animals. An experienced guide takes us out for a thrilling adventure, letting us see the animals at a safe distance.


Musk oxes. Photo: Dovre Lesja Aktiv


Just north of Hamar city centre lie the ruins of the Hamar Cathedral, erected in 1152/53. The cathedral was a mighty landmark when sailing at the lake Mjøsa. Next to the cathedral ruins you find the remains of the medieval town, Hamarkaupangen. The ruins of the cathedral are protected inside a fabulous structure of glass and steel.


Photo: Domkirkeoddens photo archive


Get to know the Norwegian traditional liquor aquavit and Atlungstad distillery's 150 year old history.


From the aquavit tasting at Atlungstad Distillery. Photo: Atlungstad Distillery

Hand-picked pearls of eastern Norway

We have carefully chosen places and sights that is worth a visit. Explore our chosen, recommended pearls of eastern Norway in the map below. 

Below you'll find our recommendations for this itinerary marked in red. White markers shows you other possibilities and their location.


Our historic roots

Day by day


7 days / 6 nights




  • Granavolden Gjæstgiveri
  • Dale-Gudbrands gard
  • Kongsvold Fjeldstue
  • Wood Hotel by Frich's

Additional costs

  • Single rooms
  • Flights


  • Transportation in comfy tour bus/coach
  • 6 nights in double room incl.breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner according to programme
  • Entrance to attractions mentioned
  • Guided tours as described

The Sister Churches at Granavollen Photo: Visit Øst-Norge/ Hans Haug

day 1: oslo - Ringerike - Gran

St. Olav and the sister churches

After arriving in Oslo, we head for today’s destination. We visit Bønsnes church at Røyse, a medieval church. Here is a monument in memory of St. Olav. Some believe he was raised here at Bønsnes, while others believe it was on Stein farm in the same area. It is possible to add visits to Stein farm and Norderhov today. Lunch in venerable premises at Hadeland Glassverk. We walk a short stretch of the pilgrim route, towards the Sister Churches and today's destination as a nice end to the day. Our final stop for today is Granavolden Gjæstgiveri. This hotel is beautifully situated on a hill in the middle of Hadeland's historic landscape. As its nearest neighbour, we find Søsterkirkene (The sister churches) and Granavollen pilgrim centre.


Ringebu Stave church. Photo: B.S Kvamme

day 2: gran - lillehammer - hundorp

Pilegrimage and burial mounds

A day of historical buzz. In the pilgrim's footsteps, we set course for Gudbrandsdalen. We arrive at Fåvang and get a local guide on our 2 hours hike along the pilgrimage route. Along the route there are several art installations, and we also pass the viewpoint Høgkleiva, where there is a beautiful view to the river Lågen and Gudbrandsdalen valley. We end the walk at Ringebu Stave Church. Guided tour of the church. We spend the night on historical grounds, at Dale-Gudbrands Gard. Time for reflection and enjoy the tranquillity in the hotel's large outdoor area. Few Norwegian farms have as rich cultural history as Dale-Gudbrands Gard. Since the Viking era, this has been a gathering place for powerful meetings and major events. The first major meeting on the farm took place in the year 1021 and was between St. Olav and the farm owner Dale-Gudbrand. The meeting is described in Heimskringla by Snorre Sturlasson and ended with Torsbildet being shattered, and the introduction of Christianity started in Gudbrandsdalen.


Kongsvold Fjeldstue - the end destionation for the day

day 3: hundorp - dovrefjell

Pilgrimage at Dovrefjell

We travel through the valley to the Dovrefjell mountains. Hiking along the pilgrim trail from Hjerkinn to Kongsvold Fjeldstue. This is a long day trip, 11.8 km. We have packed the backpack and have brought a good lunch. We start the hike at Eystein church on Hjerkinn. Upon arrival at Kongsvold we are welcomed in a beautiful yard surrounded by historic buildings. At Kongsvold, the oldest buildings date from the 1720s. Dinner and overnight stay.


The musk ox at Dovrefjell. Photo: Bjørnar Bråthen

day 4: dovrefjell

Where the musk ox live

You wake up to a beautiful view of Dovrefjell's mighty mountain massif. Today you spend your day just as you please. We plan a guided musk ox safari, an exciting and unique experience for Kongsvold's guests. Experienced musk guides will take you on an unforgettable tour of the musk ox’s own territory.


Wood hotel at lake Mjøsa Photo: Wood Hotel

day 5: dovrefjell - hamar

Mountains and museum

The journey continues south through Folldalen and across Ringebufjellet mountains in scenic surroundings. We visit Maihaugen, Norway's largest open-air museum outside Oslo. Lunch. We check in at Wood Hotel by Frich's, newly opened in 2019. The hotel is the world's tallest wooden building with 18 floors. In beautiful surroundings by the shores of Lake Mjøsa, you wake up refreshed and ready for more great experiences.


Guided tour of the Atlungstad Distillery. Photo: Atlungstad Brenneri

Day 6: hamar

A taste of Norwegian culture

Today we start at Atlungstad Distillery in Stange Vestbygd, which is Norway's oldest distillery in operation and give you the history of this Norwegian distillery back to 1855. Guided tour. We walk from Atlungstad to Hamar and follow the trail along Lake Mjøsa all the way to the medieval ruins at Domkirkeodden. A tour with the singing guides is highly recommended. Hamar was the only inland town in medieval Norway, and an important stop for pilgrims.


Wood Hotel. Photo: Sven Erik Hoff - Frich's management AS.

Day 7: Hamar - Oslo for departure

Memorable experiences

You wake up refreshed and happy after days with memorable experiences. From Wood hotel by Frich’s we go to Oslo Airport Gardermoen for the final travel back home.

Depending on the flight we might have time to visit the Norwegian railway museum in Hamar before heading for Oslo. 


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