Eco-certified as Miljøfyrtårn / Eco light house

Askeladden Reiser & Transport initiated this project, Innlandets perler.  The world is rapidly changing, and there are obvious climate changes. We all need to take part to help slow down the development and be more environmentally friendly. 

Therefore, Askeladden Reiser & Transport has now got the certification "Miljøfyrtårn // Eco lighthouse". 

We are proud to get this certification that proves our commitment, says Rolf Lie. 

We hope to be an inspiration to other travel companies. Both Askeladden and JVB Tur AS, the two bus companies in this intiative Innlandets perler / Unique pearls of Eastern Norway, are certified as Miljøfyrtårn. 

Top photo: Ian Brodie. 

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Eco lighthouse / Miljøfyrtårn

Finally - ecocertified!

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