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We have carefully chosen places and sights that is worth a visit. Explore our chosen, recommended pearls of eastern Norway in the map below. All products available within the Unique pearls of  Eastern Norway can also be seen here.

The Unique pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets perler aims to give you a genuine feel of Norwegian traditions. We want you to experience the unique and authentic Norway and the smaller, but also very interesting tourism pearls that you find in eastern Norway.

Photocredit: Nikolas Gogstad Andersen - Fountain fun at kistefos


View from Hoel gård. Photo: Ian Brodie - VisitNorway.com

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Norway is home to many iconic landmarks, green open spaces and vibrant cities, from east to west, north to south. Do you dream of embarking on a tour of our lesser known, but even more charming destinations? Whether it is the cultural pearls along the shores of Lake Mjøsa, the traditional food experiences in the Valdres region, the lush countryside with lakes, hills and farmland, the variety of activities or the dream of a break from everyday life, we make it happen.

The itineraries developed by Unique Pearls of Eastern Norway // Innlandets perler cover a wide range of experiences in the eastern part of Norway. Our focus is facilitating for group travels, either pre-organized or tailor made. Our professional team, with more than 30 years of experience, customize the tour / itinerary for your groups. We have pre-organized a selection  of itineraries with a great variety of experiences that Eastern Norway has to offer.


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Eco lighthouse / Miljøfyrtårn

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Hand-picked experiences

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Our professional team, with more than 30 years of experience, customize the tour / itinerary for your groups. With our extensive knowledge about products in the region we can easily plan and organize a tour to these unique touristic pearls that you will enjoy visiting.

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